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The Two Sides

main aim and main game war and truce train and wait
the mission of absolutism a posteriori
affliction engages absurd situations true complications misfortunes of ages
a mystery untold a subject untackled a name unmentioned a victim unknown
deux et Vous
qui est nécessaire? La même encore C’est deux !

Choisir un entre le deux Choose one between the two Decide freely Don’t be a tool
A posteriori A mission unaccomplished
Define and I will suggest Admit and I will oppose Friction is mere fiction Realism beats no naturalism
The two sides are minuet They are the dreams unfulfilled pains and travails tears we shed
The two sides are the yesterday They are the today conviction to achieve momentum we believe
the two sides conditions and reality embedded in us our choices
like lawyers we defend our client, ourselves would we win? Would we lose?
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Mysteries of My Intuition

So I saw it all
lost and at fault
then I knew that
mind plays part

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As the stone fell
I observed attentively
yet I realized nothing
Yet! I had seen something

how efficient
how consistent
how persistent
how delinquent

you caused it
forcing me to tell
like drops of water
I said it in bits

And then you led me
I should have listened
but typical, I trusted he
à cause de vous, I fastened

Instead of patience
I chose difference
brought all the suspense
confusion was intense

vous me laissez rien
moi meme et mon avis
I saw it all
I should have hastened

I should have listened!
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fIeLd tRiP

So this is me
Missing from within
Bitten by delivery It's a shame
that Grace
remainsI am not a Saint
You are a thief
You are evilDid You know?
We are evil
No Man is a Saint Clean up
Throw out the waste
Look up for Grace Yet I am still
wondering in a thick forest
Crying out to BillWho is lost!!
Bill has got ills
How can he bear the costI, Bill, You, Society
We're on a field
TripSome  where...
Un lieu
Mais nous ne
savons pasÀ cause de nos caractères
Nous sommes toujours parfait
en pensant But did You know ?
You and only You can
Save yourself!This trip is essential
Do well to enjoy and justify
the Field Trip!

The Abused

Friction is Addiction
Corrupt Elite
Hidden spears

Afraid and scared
Silence the option

It is wrong
A detestable persecution
For no reason
Just like blasphemy

Courage and freedom
Maligned and overlooked

What about the pains?
The anguish
The hurt
All The mental effects

We pesture the deserving
And Enslave the dependable
Forgetting that humans
are rated 1st class

Why then?
It is time for a change

Une résolution
Il est l'heure pour ça

Nous devons sauver cette situation
C'est pas bon du tout

The Abused feel the pain
Abuse is devastating

Let's all STOP ABUSE!


I am a man
I am the head
I began

Sometimes I fall
Sometimes I escape
I easily deny my fails

Taking charge is my game
Making decisions is my call
Paying attention is my defect

Distributing becomes compulsory
When my temperament is misled
My eyes control my thoughts

The heart has no say
The Mind has a say

And so many others classify me
Trusting  me is like Ludo

Responsibilities, my life
head, leader, King
I’m withheld

I may contradict myself
or my statements
in an effort to win

but I’m just acting
according to my nature
Scientists will continue to
Experiment to define me

I tell you I have no definition
with the various temperaments
in existence
I probably should be indescribable

They say life is a game
They say life is a stage
but I say life is about work

leadership and entrepreneurship
NO MONEY ! could it be ?
I doubt

I’m human and ofcourse
I remain indebted to my brain
Tears are not mine

but allow me tell you
my secret I cry within
which is loftier than
the others


SUICIDE, The Whimp

A whimp The fuss
Suicide is not an option
It's normal to feel dejected
To feel unwanted
To feel depressed
But have you asked
Wether it is fair to inflict pain on others?
We love you
He loves you
She loves you 
They love you
I love you
Oh yes! I do
What about family?
Just know that the next time
you think SUICIDE
YOU CAN go ahead and kill yourself!
Nothing would be wrong,
But it's total fatuity
No! More plainly, stupidity
A destiny that will impact
My dearest you are not a mistake but a blessing.
People love you even more than you think.
A role model
A jewel
Everything that deserves an applause
But neighbours, friends,  brothers
All of you around
Don't be a whimp
Yes! suicide is a whimp that devours
But be like the pastor before the congregation
the doctor before t…